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Thursday, April 29, 2004

San Antonio

I have just returned from San Antonio, TX.

Very good response at the TPCA for our new site, about listing gas station prices and services online: http://www.houndster.com

I think we will be ready to launch it mid May, as we expected.

by Mau on 4/29/2004 03:57:00 PM | #
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Monday, April 05, 2004

If you speak or understand portuguese...

Go see this: Machado de Assis, leitura comentada.

It's a day-by-day transcription of Dom Casmurro, the literary masterpiece of Machado de Assis, screaming to the four winds his undying love for the amazing Capitu. Quoting:

"Um coqueiro, vendo-me inquieto e adivinhando a causa, murmurou de cima de si que n?o era feio que os meninos de quinze anos andassem nos cantos com as meninas de quatorze, ao contr?rio, os adolescentes daquela idade n?o tinham outro of?cio, nem os cantos outra utilidade. Era um coqueiro velho, e eu cria nos coqueiros velhos, mais ainda que nos velhos livros. P?ssaros, borboletas, uma cigarra que ensaiava o estilo, toda a gente viva do ar era da mesma opini?o."

The translation is mine, blame me if this doesn't seem like an unbelievable poetry-filled paragraph:

"A coconut tree, noticing how unquiet I was and guessing the cause, whispered from its top that it was not ugly that fifteen year old boys walked around corners with the girls aged fourteen, on the contrary, teenagers that age had no other business, nor the corners any other utility. It was an old coconut tree, and I believed old coconut trees, even more than I believed old books. Birds, butterflies, a cricket that rehearsed its style, all of the living people in the air had the same opinion."

by Mau on 4/05/2004 04:48:00 PM | #
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Saturday, April 03, 2004

The best show on TV

It used to be the West Wing. Only lately, since Aaron Sarkin has not been writing the show, it just sucks. So there's a void.

I never like those reality shows, but I must say that MTV's Pimp My Ride is a really great show. Rapper XZibit chooses a someone with a really screwed up car and pimp it up! I know it's a really simple premise and something that does not seem like much, but it's a feel good show all over. They only choose kids that really need help. I just saw one that made me smile the entire time I watched.

The car was a Honda. The owner was a 21 year old who lives with her grandma and two chihuahuas. There was a puddle of water in the place where the driver's feet rest. The car had been hit many, many times, parts were falling apart and the alarm kept going off all the time. They fixed the car, put in Lamborghini-style doors opening up, sunroof, PS2 and DVD player, 6 CD changer with an awesome sound system (nitro-looking woofers) and even little dog food and drink containers in the trunk.

Simple show, simple premise. The girls reaction is absolutely genuine, she was incredibly happy. The grandmother sat down on the passenger seat and... surprise, a back massager! the smile in the old lady's face was contagious.

Yes, I know it's corny. Yes, I know it's funny that I could even consider such a simple and non-stimulating show as the best on TV. However, since there are no viable alternatives, I have to choose this one. It might not be stimulating, but any show that can make you feel good just by watching deserves the title.

by Mau on 4/03/2004 03:58:00 PM | #
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