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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

VERY interesting interview

If you live on Earth, it is smart to be aware of the schemes people use to deprive you of your money. When these schemes affect the most economically influential country in history, it bodes well to learn of them.

In the interest of helping my friends and the other fortunate ones who read this blog, I would very much like to point you to this URL below. It is an interview with David Cay Johnston that doesn't say many new things, but rather explain some old ones that needed explanation:


by Mau on 5/25/2004 08:50:00 PM | #
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Monday, May 24, 2004

Life is made of crossroads

So I've been writing on this blog for quite a while now. In fact, almost 2 years. I started writing in portuguese, people read eventually. I switched to English, other people started reading, the "originals" left, the regular back and forth movement of the Internet.

Every now and then, I get surprised with the number in the counter, apparently there are 2 or 3 people that come by every day just to see if I wrote something. I can't explain how proud I am of that. My ego is too big sometimes and neglected by the eternal search of perfection we end up participating carelessly, but the 1243 visits I had since I implemented the counter really massage my ego.

Also, I noticed a lot of the links I had added in the right side are now fading away in the great big vacuum of the ever changing Internet. People move on, go to new projects, worry about different things. And we lose contact, much like in real life. In a way, it's like I lost again some of those friends that the Internet allowed me to make or recover. I'll have to review them, update to current links and sites. One of theses days I'll get to it.

I have written a lot less, you might notice.

It has not been due to lack of issues, I guarantee it. It's more the fast pace of life that's been pushing me in many directions. I know you understand, it probably happens to you as well. There are moments in life when we have no specific path in front of us. What we see are crossroads, going in all directions. We can move forwards, sideways, backwards. But these crossroads are foggy, since we can't tell what will happen down the path, even if we can see a little down one path or another.

Sometimes, and now is one of these, a man gets into an undecided stance. Life is uncertain and insecure, it would be foolish to be absolutely self-confident and certain of oneself. I try to remind myself when these moments appear that we are all imperfect beings with choices to make every single moment of our lives. Of life in general, some things are certain:

- Every single thing we do or even feel is a choice. We choose sometimes unconsciously, but we act the way we do by choice.

- Every single choice we make, conscious or not, has a consequence. When you're a kid, your parents take care of those.

- When you're not a kid, you'll miss the times when your parents took care of your bad choices. (You'll want them to do that again and suddenly you'll realize their choices were theirs and because your choices are different, you have to deal with situations by yourself, they have never faced anything like those and asking them for help will just get them into a frenzy and will not help you in the least bit. The other side of that coin is that you find yourself questioning your parents choices. Not their handling, their choices. And then you are led to the next inescapable truth of life.)

- There is never one single solution to any problem, no matter how much your math teacher insists against this axiom. What makes the difference? Points of view.

- Change your point of view and you will get an entirely new perspective and many times a much better solution to a problem. The corollary is: if you haven't seen Dead Poets Society, go see it now. Oh Captain, my Captain!

I could spend all night writing phrases like the ones above. Maybe I should put them all in a book, entitle it Chicken Soup of Crossroads and make bazillions of dollars. Or not.

It's getting late, I have to wake up before 6 tomorrow to go to the gym. So I will stop now, since I can envision no other end to this post.

Just one more thing.. if I knew that to get more people to read this I had to post about gay marriage and murderous ploys in Rio de Janeiro, I'd be talking about it every day.

(Pardon the typos, It's almost 1 AM...)

by Mau on 5/24/2004 12:02:00 AM | #
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Monday, May 17, 2004


Some days we know we are part of History. Yes, History with a capital H, you know, when you mention kings, and wars, and walls falling or being erected. (Befitting word, erected...)

Today, Massachusetts defined gay-marriage as a possibility for the entire country, as being constitutional. Even more, *required* by the constitution.

I had a friend, many years ago, an amateur art director in Rio. The man was a jewel of a person, extremely sensitive, good friend and had a steady relationship with a guy everyone thought was a bit strange. When I went to their house, I saw a man kiss another man for real, in person, for the first time. I am not ashamed to say that at the time it seemed to me that the whole thing was really weird. Later in life I saw other men kissing and was not bothered as much, so I noticed that what was bothering was not the two men kissing in and of itself, but the inherent falseness in one of them. Let me explain... The weird guy that was my friend's partner ended up being part of a murdering ploy. My friend was tortured and killed in his apartment by his boyfriend and two other men. He was such a good guy, and is no more, due to the clandestine way he had to live, meeting people whom he could not know deeply, a result of the chaotic society in Brazil. He would be very happy with today's news, indeed he would be hopeful. Perhaps that something similar would happen South of the Equator, or even to travel here and get married as well...

It's a happy day in pink heaven.

by Mau on 5/17/2004 11:41:00 PM | #
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