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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A joke to the senators, about the senators, for the people

Ah, the wonders of the Internet...

I was trying to find some info in a social psychology study about the way our brains perceive the future and after going through a few websites, I found this website where a guy faked a letter to Senators in the US. The letter looks like a 10 year old boy's handwriting, asking the Senators to tell their favorite joke:

Do politicians have a sense of humor?.

The first thing that amazed me was the quantity of answers. Then, the quantity of answers that seemed to have been actually responded by the Senators themselves, not just by an assistant.

Reading some of these answers, I felt impressed with the genuine spirit of wanting to better the country that the Senators in this country wear like a carapace.

And then it scared me to think about what would happen if someone did the same in Brazil... The Senators certainly have a sense of humor, but I don't see any of them treating the letter with the seriousness and inspirational tone that some of these answer letters had. The Senators here understand their role of leaders and inspiration for a generation, even if not at all times. I'm sad to state that I don't see the same back in my country.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wow! They can see the obvious!

So, the 9/11 commission can see the obvious after all. Al-Qeida and Saddam were not together. Ok, so that is another one that Bush made America swallow.

However, don't count the americans out of this one yet, they seem to be clamoring for reason. You can't fool everyone all of the time, it seems. Kerry has been going up in the polls like there's no tomorrow, and the only reason he hasn't announced John Edwards as his VP is because he's affraid the second man's popularity will get even bigger than his, at this point. Kerry and Edwards would be an well-balanced ticket for the Democrats, one that I believe would surely beat Bush and Cheney. We'll know soon enough...

I went to the Brazil x USA soccer exhibition match last night. The Under-20 national teams slugged it out in Fort Lauderdale. When I left, with about 5 minutes to go, Brazil was winning 2x0 and the game was pretty much put away.

An interesting point about the crowd that came to watch and their behavior... This was a low-priced game, it was $25 for adults and $10 for children under 12. More or less the equivalent of how much the tickets would cost in Brazil, with the respective currencies taken into account. The last time I was in Brazil, I was surprised to know that none of my friends go to a live soccer match anymore. Moreover, they would never even consider taking a child to one, due to the increase of violence in the stadiums. I thought at the time that the way to solve that would be to raise the price of the ticket, so that the people who go to these events would not consider spoiling it. Well, the game yesterday showed me I was wrong. It's all in the marketing. Soccer is marketted to everyone in Brazil, but soccer games are not marketted as a family event. It should be. Families behave better and nobody will want to get into violence if they have their son around. It would also create future generations of sports lovers. But then, that would make sense, and Brazilian soccer leaders lead like Bush, with no reason.

A secondary point about this was the amount of kids that knew the players by heart. Freddie Adu will be big in this country, the kid is 14 years old and makes more money, alone, than the entire Brazilian team put together. He has a million-dollar contract with Nike and will be the number 1 pick in the MLS 2004 draft. He is being touted as the new Pele. And he had 3 defenders on him yesterday, at all times. Still, he will be big, he was fast, agile, lots of ball-control. The kids were going nuts! A fifteen-year old won a raffle to get a soccer balled signed by him, the kid was ecstatic. This country is falling more and more in love with soccer and it will show in the professional levels. I've been saying this for over 4 years, in 2018 the US will be a serious contender to the World Cup. It will certainly reach a final in the next 8 years.

Now, back to work...

by Mau on 6/17/2004 09:16:00 AM | #
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